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Axe? Is that you? You look so… different.

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When you were in middle or high school, did you ever have an extremely immature, shit-head of a classmate return one year from summer vacation unexpectedly mature and sophisticated? Well, that's Axe right now. That's right, Axe is back and looking shockingly, pleasantly, different. Here, see for yourself: The latest ad from Axe (created… keep reading ->

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A Call To Men’s Ray Rice fumble and recovery

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Last Monday while getting ready for work, I turned on ESPN only to be greeted by this shock inducing report: Wait, what? A Call To Men publicly advocating for Ray Rice to get a second chance in the NFL? You best believe I was wide awake after that bit of news! I guess I should back… keep reading ->


Guest Post: Bobby Dennis on Game of War’s titillating advertising

in: Video Games

Hey readers, I'm in the midst of another pretty busy spell where I just haven't been able to find time to write much. Luckily, I have a guest post from a faithful How Manly reader to fill in for me this week. The piece comes from a young man by the name of Bobby Dennis (who… keep reading ->

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Come on NFL, where’s that “NO MORE” spirit we were promised?

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Okay, this is getting ridiculous now. Is it just me or is my blog turning into some sort of weekly NFL abuse blotter? This off-season, the first of the NFL's NO MORE era, it seems like hardly a week can go by without some new assault or abuse related issue bursting forth like a squeezed pimple among… keep reading ->


The NFL clearly needs a lesson in accountability

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Oh NFL, when will you ever learn? You've once again received a face full of egg, this time thanks to the idiocy of your very own Chicago Bears and their now former defensive end Ray McDonald. McDonald, for those who don't know, was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence and child endangerment. Troubling news… keep reading ->