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You’re damn right it’s about toxic masculinity and there’s plenty of evidence to prove it

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It happened again. Another boy, Jaylen Fryberg, walked into his high school and started shooting. This time around, two students (at the time of this writing), both female, were killed and three more were injured, including two of Fryberg's male cousins. As of this writing, every news report says that the motive for the massacre is still… keep reading ->


To believe or not to believe? That’s not really the question

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"One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences." -Anita Sarkeesian A few days ago I was giving a talk on masculinity, media and violence. When I got to the video games portion of my talk, which of course included mentions of "GamerGate," Zoe… keep reading ->


Mad Men, Monsters & Mysogynists

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*Trigger warning: graphic threats and descriptions of violent acts* A man in New York slashes the throat of a woman who refused to talk to him. A man in Detroit shoots and kills a woman (and injures 5 others who were with her) after she rejects his advances. A man in Pakistan boards a bus… keep reading ->

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Please pardon my absence…

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Dear loyal readers; I apologize for my absence the past few weeks, with the start of a new school year approaching, things got a bit busy for me at the end of the summer. Over the past few weeks I've been all over the place doing trainings, chaperoning summer camps, etc. and I just didn't… keep reading ->


The Testosterone Injection That Could Ruin Orphan Black… And how to make sure it doesn’t

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I wrote this piece for Apex Magazine, a monthly sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine available in print and online. It's appearing today (August 5th, 2014) in Issue #63. Please feel free to read it here, order a copy of the magazine, or view it over on their website. Game of Thrones? Forget that... if you… keep reading ->