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Stephen A. Smith and the curious case of the missing suspension

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On December 13, 2012 during an episode of ESPN's First Take, commentator Rob Parker asked the following question about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3); "is he a brother or is he a cornball brother?" When asked by his confused co-hosts to clarify what he meant, Parker replied; “Well, he’s black, he kind of does… keep reading ->


LeBron, why do I dislike thee so much?

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It's time for me to confront my feelings about LeBron James. Not LeBron James the man... I don't know him personally and it's extremely unlikely that I ever will. I'm referring to LeBron James the media curated entity. For some reason I've never been a big fan of the LeBron James we've come to know throughout his years playing… keep reading ->


BBQ Time!

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I’m taking the week off, so please pardon the lack of a new post this week. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my past posts and as always, thanks for dropping by… keep reading ->


Bye bye Dov Charney (A quick lesson on ousting troublesome CEOs)

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It's not like we needed more proof that Cash Rules Everything Around... well, us... but last week the world got its latest reminder thanks to dick-swinging Dov Charney (Google it if you dare), founder and former CEO of American Apparel and the company's board. Charney has a long and very public history of alleged sexist… keep reading ->


Assassin’s Creed and the straight-white-male default

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I play video games, I don't develop them. But thanks to Ubisoft and the ongoing Assassin's Creed: Unity controversy, I learned something about the process of developing playable video game characters last week. Wait, I take that back... I didn't exactly learn something new, as much as I had one of my long-held suspicions finally… keep reading ->