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LeBron, why do I dislike thee so much?

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It's time for me to confront my feelings about LeBron James. Not LeBron James the man... I don't know him personally and it's extremely unlikely that I ever will. I'm referring to LeBron James the media curated entity. For some reason I've never been a big fan of the LeBron James we've come to know throughout his years playing… keep reading ->


BBQ Time!

in: Elsewhere

I’m taking the week off, so please pardon the lack of a new post this week. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my past posts and as always, thanks for dropping by… keep reading ->


Bye bye Dov Charney (A quick lesson on ousting troublesome CEOs)

in: Elsewhere& Making News

It's not like we needed more proof that Cash Rules Everything Around... well, us... but last week the world got its latest reminder thanks to dick-swinging Dov Charney (Google it if you dare), founder and former CEO of American Apparel and the company's board. Charney has a long and very public history of alleged sexist… keep reading ->


Assassin’s Creed and the straight-white-male default

in: Featured& Video Games

I play video games, I don't develop them. But thanks to Ubisoft and the ongoing Assassin's Creed: Unity controversy, I learned something about the process of developing playable video game characters last week. Wait, I take that back... I didn't exactly learn something new, as much as I had one of my long-held suspicions finally… keep reading ->


Octo-dads, monster-dads and pseudo-dads: the state of fatherhood in video games

in: Video Games

As a storytelling medium, video games haven't spent much time tackling the concept of fatherhood as yet. Sure, there have been plenty of fathers in video games, some good and some downright evil, but explorations of what fatherhood means or looks like, have been limited at best. Looking back and trying to remember all the fathers… keep reading ->