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February’s Dick-in-a-Box Goes To…

in: Film & TV

The votes have been submitted and results tallied. After much debate among the award selection committee the lucky recipient of February 2013's Dick-in-a-Box has been chosen. Your winner? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences... aka, the organization that created and hosts the annual Oscars ceremony. But really, anyone associated with organizing and putting [...]


Uncle Luke vs. Coach Luke: An Accountability Story

in: Elsewhere& Sports

Saying "don't disrespect girls" is a lot like saying "just say no" or "don't have sex." All three of these statements need definition and detail to have any real world applicability. Hearing your coach talk about not disrespecting girls in one breath while on stage yelling "face down ass up, that's the way we like to fuck!" in the next is the very picture of mixed messaging. It's going to undercut the work he does with these young men. At the very least it'll confuse the shit out of them.


Ten Ads That Make Men Look Like Dicks

in: Advertising

All of these ads aired in 2012. Not 1940, 1950 or some other decade supposedly more sexist than our modern age of enlightenment. In each ad, you'll get a glimpse of the type of regressive behavior that marketing professionals continue to associate with masculinity. In their eyes men are often nothing more than violent, sex obsessed liars who objectify women. In my eyes makers of these ads need to shut up and find new jobs already. But hey, I have no control over that. What I can do is shine a critical eye on their troubling depictions of masculinity and make comments, lots of comments.

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January 2013’s Dick-in-Box Goes To…

in: Elsewhere& Making News

The votes have been submitted and the results tallied. After much debate among the Dick-in-a-Box award selection committee, our winner of January 2013's Dick-in-a-Box has been chosen. Who is the lucky recipient? A man who should need no introduction after the events of the past few months: Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President of the [...]

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5 Manliest Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

in: Advertising

Best Super Bowl commercials? Who cares! What about the MANLIEST Super Bowl commercials? Every year as I prepare to watch the new crop of ads birthed into our collective consciousness I wonder: "what will advertisers have to say about men this year?" Now that the Super Bowl is done and advertisers have had their say, [...]