A Good Dada is a Manly Dada

In a world where fathers left alone with their kid(s) are often depicted as bumbling fools just trying to survive till mommy gets back, it’s good to see some examples of real fatherhood floating around. I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of fathers (my brother for example) who enjoy spending time with their kids and are quite good at it. Men like my brother will happily look and sound foolish (to other adults) while they roll on the ground, get dirty, read stories, and play silly games for their kids entertainment.

Judging by most of what you see in the media however, fathers don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Nope, in media-land fathers treat their kids like strange little creatures that will sprout gremlins if they get wet. In media-land, fathers (hell coupled-up men in general) are apparently lost without their girlfriends/wives or baby mamas or around to guide them.

Which brings us to this video of a young father happily and rather cutely spending time with his kid. The video has of course gone viral because: OH MY GOD! A man is actually being a good father:

As I said, I’m happy to see these depictions of positive fatherhood, given that they’re so few and far between. But that’s just the problem… we live in a world where expectations of fathers are so low that we end up having to give men credit for some shit they’re just supposed to do. But hey, ’tis the world we live in and until it changes count me among those who love to see this sort of thing.

One time we’re on the topic, Home With Dada is great, but these examples of men being active fathers deserve some attention too (they’re not home videos, but they are funny):


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