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Bye bye Dov Charney (A quick lesson on ousting troublesome CEOs)

in: Elsewhere& Making News

It's not like we needed more proof that Cash Rules Everything Around... well, us... but last week the world got its latest reminder thanks to dick-swinging Dov Charney (Google it if you dare), founder and former CEO of American Apparel and the company's board. Charney has a long and very public history of alleged sexist [...]


My Journey From Dismantling Rape Culture to PAX East

in: Elsewhere& Video Games

Talk about juxtapositions... In a matter of days I went from presenting at the University of Vermont's 9th Annual Dismantling Rape Culture Conference in Burlington, Vermont (population 42,282) to sitting on a panel at PAX East 2014 (70,000+ attendees jammed into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center). Total attendance at the Dismantling Rape Culture conference; around 400 [...]


Gone Fishing

in: Elsewhere

I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks, so please pardon the lack of new posts. But don't fret, I'll be back to posting in April. Until then please enjoy some of my past posts and as always, thanks for dropping by.


Apparently, Women Really Do Prefer (to be) Bigs

in: Elsewhere

"Are there sharks in the Charles river?" my little brother (or "Little" as the folks at Big Brothers Big Sisters like to call them) asked as we drove over the Charles. It was a simple question that was so much more than a question. It was a glimpse into the mind of an 11 year [...]


Two Friends Discuss: “Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?”

in: Elsewhere

Psychotherapist and author Lori Gottlieb recently wrote an article for the New York Times titled “Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?” and as you can imagine, it attracted a lot of attention. In the piece, Gottlieb discusses a study that found couples in “egalitarian” heterosexual marriages are having less sex than those in more [...]