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Axe? Is that you? You look so… different.

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When you were in middle or high school, did you ever have an extremely immature, shit-head of a classmate return one year from summer vacation unexpectedly mature and sophisticated? Well, that's Axe right now. That's right, Axe is back and looking shockingly, pleasantly, different. Here, see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzTSE6kcLwY The latest ad from Axe (created [...]

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A Call To Men’s Ray Rice fumble and recovery

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Last Monday while getting ready for work, I turned on ESPN only to be greeted by this shock inducing report: Wait, what? A Call To Men publicly advocating for Ray Rice to get a second chance in the NFL? You best believe I was wide awake after that bit of news! I guess I should back [...]


Pegging in Two Acts

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In what must be a record for televised depictions of non-vanilla sex acts in a single season, two of my favorite shows, Broad City and Louie, both explored pegging recently. Pegging, for those who don't know, is (rather inelegantly) described by Wikipedia as; "...a sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man [...]


Don’t be fooled; advertisers are still selling regressive masculinity, it’s just their tactics that have changed.

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The past five-plus years of male targeted advertising have been pretty painful to watch. Yes, I know that ads are always painful to watch, but they've been particularly excruciating for a while now. You can blame this on the glut of advertisers trying just about every tactic imaginable to convince us that modern men have some sort of masculinity deficit disorder [...]