About That Old Spice “Mom Song” Ad…

Yeah, I see you Old Spice. In fact I’ve seen your “Mom Song” commercial a bunch of times since it first aired during this year’s NFL playoffs. It’s creepy, catchy and I’ll admit it… funny. Your ad made quite the impression and judging by the almost 7.5 million views it has on YouTube (as of this writing), I’m clearly not the only one who feels that way.

While I do get a kick out of the ad (and the shorter follow ups, “Tree” and “Bowl”) I think your lyrics are a bit… well… off. Something about the jingle rubs me the wrong way, so guess what? I took it upon myself to write my own alternate improved lyrics.

Sadly, I’m no singer, so you’ll just have to read the lyrics while playing the tune in your head. Here’s my version and if you need help remembering the tune, you’ll find the original below:

Oh we should have seen it coming… another Old Spice ad,
Claiming boys can be sprayed into a man,

It’s wack and hey we know just who to blame,
When our sons act out with women and miss-behave,

Old Spice! Old Spice… is selling lies to our sons (pshh, pshh),
Now they disrespect their mothers and their chores aren’t done,

They were once our little lads, now they’re messed up really bad,
Now they’re harassing, groping, feeling all the women because…

Old Spice (stinky sprays), sold a lie to our sons,
Now they act like a douche and they think that it’s fun.




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