Manly Ads of the past (in preparation for Manly Ads 2013)

2013 is quickly coming to an end, which means another Manly Ads compilation video is on the way. This year’s version isn’t done yet (I hope to have it done for next week’s post) so in the meantime, I’d like to refresh your memories of the series by revisiting my past compilations.

This series is my way of exploring the question; what cultural messages do we send about masculinity and how do those messages change and evolve (or devolve) over time? We’re approaching four years of these compilations now and watching them back-to-back it’s hard to shake that feeling of, “the more things change the more they stay the same.” I can tell you already that this year’s ads don’t look all that different from 2010’s, in fact some of those same campaigns are still running strong. Speaking of this year’s soon-to-be-released compilation; I’m planning on changing the format a bit, to make it more user friendly for educators who want to use it in trainings, schools, etc… but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll discuss the ads of 2013 soon enough, for now enjoy 2010-2012.

As you watch, take some time to consider what changes you notice over the years vs. what stays the same. I’m not referring to things like stories, setup and actors, but rather the explicit and implicit messages you pick-up on as you watch. How is masculinity defined in these ads? Does that definition change at all? Do you feel a progression or a regression (as you choose to define those terms)? I’d love to read your thoughts and comments when you’re done. Thanks!


Manly Ads 2010


Manly Ads 2011


Manly Ads 2012



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