Manliness in Advertising

Advertising, a form of media seemingly lost in a time where men drink beer and bromance their nights away while women eat pro-biotic yogurt (if they’re eating at all) and fret over grass stained laundry. Here, you’ll find all our posts on advertising and the men doing “manly” things in those ads.

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Dumb Men, Hotter Women

in: Advertising

No matter how much we like to promote the opposite, men do in fact have the capacity for self control around women (imagine that). Look, I hate to break it to you but a woman's body is not some sort of mobile mind control device. Tin foil hats are not required.


Well Its About Damn Time!

in: Advertising

In the past few years I noticed a few attempts from your company trying to recognize that things are changing. But in most cases you just produced ads in which men doing laundry was seen as an oddity. Or a way to make an awkward and/or offensive joke about changing household dynamics. Your fist ad featuring a man doing laundry was utter bull-shit to say the least


Positively Manly… It’s Not Complicated

in: Advertising

To kick off Positively Manly Month, please allow me to dig into an ad campaign that you've most likely seen at this point, but may not have stopped to consider just how unique it is. Each ad in the campaign stood out to me for its positive depiction of a man doing things we don't often see men doing in advertising.


Kiss the Girls to Make Men Buy

in: Advertising

First kisses. For many of us, few things in life cause more stress than attempting to suck face with someone for the first time. For me, a first kiss was generally preceded by seconds... no minutes... ok, actually hours (honestly, sometimes days) of sweaty anxiety and contemplation. Sometimes, when the opportunity arrived I was brave [...]


Ten Ads That Make Men Look Like Dicks

in: Advertising

All of these ads aired in 2012. Not 1940, 1950 or some other decade supposedly more sexist than our modern age of enlightenment. In each ad, you'll get a glimpse of the type of regressive behavior that marketing professionals continue to associate with masculinity. In their eyes men are often nothing more than violent, sex obsessed liars who objectify women. In my eyes makers of these ads need to shut up and find new jobs already. But hey, I have no control over that. What I can do is shine a critical eye on their troubling depictions of masculinity and make comments, lots of comments.

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