Manliness in Advertising

Advertising, a form of media seemingly lost in a time where men drink beer and bromance their nights away while women eat pro-biotic yogurt (if they’re eating at all) and fret over grass stained laundry. Here, you’ll find all our posts on advertising and the men doing “manly” things in those ads.

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5 Manliest Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

in: Advertising

Best Super Bowl commercials? Who cares! What about the MANLIEST Super Bowl commercials? Every year as I prepare to watch the new crop of ads birthed into our collective consciousness I wonder: "what will advertisers have to say about men this year?" Now that the Super Bowl is done and advertisers have had their say, [...]


Manly Ads of 2012

in: Advertising

2012 is in the books. And with it ends another year chock full of ads that were at times annoying, funny, crazy, absurd, stupid, entertaining, offensive or just about any additional adjective you can think of. And so, in what has become an annual tradition, it's time to unveil another manly ads compilation (look for [...]