Today My Thoughts Are With Friends and Neighbors

Yesterday was a traumatic day for us here in Boston. A day that started beautifully ended with sadness, confusion and fear as reports related to the bombing, both confirmed and unconfirmed, trickled out. I had friends running in the marathon, who are thankfully safe. I also had friends (one of them 9 months pregnant) at the finish line, right across the street from one of the explosions. Thankfully they’re safe and unharmed as well. I feel lucky. Sadly, there are plenty of people who can’t say the same today.

At the time I’m writing this, 3 people have died (including an 8 year-old boy) and over 130 people have been injured. All I can do at this point is offer my condolences and well wishes to those affected by this pointless and tragic event. Lets hope they catch the person(s) responsible soon.

Stay safe.



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