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Guilty of sexual assault or not, Jameis Winston is getting off and here’s why

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If you haven’t heard by now, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding recent revelations that Florida State quarterback (and Heisman Trophy candidate) Jameis Winston is currently being investigated for sexual battery. Controversy stems from these two facts; 1. That a woman would dare to accuse such a talented young athlete of rape and [...]

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Jonathan Martin, Blackness and the Miami Dolphins

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I never played football beyond high school. There are two reasons for this; first, in all honesty I sucked. Unless I was willing to go the "walk-on route" there would be no opportunities for me to play in college... even if I hadn't quit the team early in my senior year. Which brings me to [...]


When an NBA player comes out, the world listens (like it or not)

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Until yesterday none of America's "Big 4" sports leagues; the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, had an active player come out and publicly admit to being gay. But that all changed when NBA free agent center Jason Collins came out in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. It should be noted that Collins isn't the first active professional athlete to come out.


Uncle Luke vs. Coach Luke: An Accountability Story

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Saying "don't disrespect girls" is a lot like saying "just say no" or "don't have sex." All three of these statements need definition and detail to have any real world applicability. Hearing your coach talk about not disrespecting girls in one breath while on stage yelling "face down ass up, that's the way we like to fuck!" in the next is the very picture of mixed messaging. It's going to undercut the work he does with these young men. At the very least it'll confuse the shit out of them.