Manliness in Video Games

Video games, a form of media far too reliant on stories of over-sized, muscle-bound, hyper-masculine heroes try to rescue (or in the case of fighting games try to beat up) jiggly breasted, barely clothed damsels-in-distress (and/or vixens) while the rest of the world wonders: “why aren’t there more women who play video games (or work in the industry)?” Why indeed? Here you’ll find all our posts on men doing “manly” things in video games.

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Guest Post: Bobby Dennis on Game of War’s titillating advertising

in: Video Games

Hey readers, I'm in the midst of another pretty busy spell where I just haven't been able to find time to write much. Luckily, I have a guest post from a faithful How Manly reader to fill in for me this week. The piece comes from a young man by the name of Bobby Dennis (who [...]

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Thoughts On The Anita Sarkeesian Hater That Everyone Hates

in: Video Games

Last week, gaming website Kotaku published a profile of Mateus Prado Sousa, a Brazilian man they dub "The Anita Sarkeesian Hater That Everyone Hates." Sousa, who I knew nothing about before reading the piece, has apparently been harassing Sarkeesian for over a year now via numerous "burner" Twitter and YouTube accounts. This is in addition to the [...]


To believe or not to believe? That’s not really the question

in: Elsewhere& Video Games

"One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences." -Anita Sarkeesian A few days ago I was giving a talk on masculinity, media and violence. When I got to the video games portion of my talk, which of course included mentions of "GamerGate," Zoe [...]


Mad Men, Monsters & Mysogynists

in: Making News& Video Games

*Trigger warning: graphic threats and descriptions of violent acts* A man in New York slashes the throat of a woman who refused to talk to him. A man in Detroit shoots and kills a woman (and injures 5 others who were with her) after she rejects his advances. A man in Pakistan boards a bus [...]

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Assassin’s Creed and the straight-white-male default

in: Video Games

I play video games, I don't develop them. But thanks to Ubisoft and the ongoing Assassin's Creed: Unity controversy, I learned something about the process of developing playable video game characters last week. Wait, I take that back... I didn't exactly learn something new, as much as I had one of my long-held suspicions finally [...]