Manliness in Video Games

Video games, a form of media far too reliant on stories of over-sized, muscle-bound, hyper-masculine heroes try to rescue (or in the case of fighting games try to beat up) jiggly breasted, barely clothed damsels-in-distress (and/or vixens) while the rest of the world wonders: “why aren’t there more women who play video games (or work in the industry)?” Why indeed? Here you’ll find all our posts on men doing “manly” things in video games.

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Bitch and the Gamer – Part 1

in: Video Games

Imagine this scenario; you go to the store and pick up the newly released, gritty superhero game that you've been dying to play. You get home, rip open the packaging, turn on your gaming system and throw the disk in. Grabbing your controller, you sit in your well-worn gaming seat (that spot on the couch [...]