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Supporting #FBrape

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Did you know that Facebook allows groups and pages with names like "Rapist Community," "This is Why Indian Girls Are Raped," and "Slapping Hookers in the Face With a Shoe" to exist? I didn't until yesterday. When confronted about the existence of these pages, Facebook representatives were quoted as saying; "While it may be vulgar… keep reading ->


Kiss the Girls to Make Men Buy

in: Advertising

First kisses. For many of us, few things in life cause more stress than attempting to suck face with someone for the first time. For me, a first kiss was generally preceded by seconds... no minutes... ok, actually hours (honestly, sometimes days) of sweaty anxiety and contemplation. Sometimes, when the opportunity arrived I was brave… keep reading ->


April’s Dick-in-a-Box Goes To…

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The votes have been submitted and results tallied. Only this time, there was no debate among the award selection committee and the (un)lucky recipients of April 2013′s Dick-in-a-Box were chosen pretty quickly. Your winners? The Boston bombers; Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I'm pretty tired of talking about these guys, so lets make this quick. By… keep reading ->


When an NBA player comes out, the world listens (like it or not)

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Until yesterday none of America's "Big 4" sports leagues; the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, had an active player come out and publicly admit to being gay. But that all changed when NBA free agent center Jason Collins came out in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. It should be noted that Collins isn't the first active professional athlete to come out.


One Motivation of the Boston Bombers Everyone Will Overlook

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I'm sure by now you're well aware of last week's tragic and dramatic events in Boston (i.e. the marathon bombing, murdered MIT police officer, critically wounded MBTA police officer, shootout with cops and eventual capture of one suspect and death of the other). There's still a whole lot we don't know about these suspected bombers… keep reading ->