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Bitch and the Gamer – Part 2

in: Video Games

Last week, in Part 1, I focused on the game Batman: Arkham City as an example of video games presenting low expectations for male behavior. I have more examples of this practice to share, so lets get to it! I'll start with Binary Domain, a distopian future game with killer robots. Early on, I was… keep reading ->


Bitch and the Gamer – Part 1

in: Video Games

Imagine this scenario; you go to the store and pick up the newly released, gritty superhero game that you've been dying to play. You get home, rip open the packaging, turn on your gaming system and throw the disk in. Grabbing your controller, you sit in your well-worn gaming seat (that spot on the couch… keep reading ->


A Good Dada is a Manly Dada

in: Elsewhere

In a world where fathers left alone with their kid(s) are often depicted as bumbling fools just trying to survive till mommy gets back, it's good to see some examples of real fatherhood floating around. I don't know about you, but I know plenty of fathers (my brother for example) who enjoy spending time with… keep reading ->

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Manly Ads of 2012

in: Advertising

2012 is in the books. And with it ends another year chock full of ads that were at times annoying, funny, crazy, absurd, stupid, entertaining, offensive or just about any additional adjective you can think of. And so, in what has become an annual tradition, it's time to unveil another manly ads compilation (look for… keep reading ->


2012’s Dick-in-a-Box Award for Film & TV Goes to…

in: Film & TV

Before I honor 2012's ultimate winner with a shiny new Dick-in-a-Box, I must begin with a warning; Our inaugural award is being given to an extremely disturbing, NSFW short film that features a very graphic assault and rape. The short, titled "Turn Off Your Bloody Phone" was directed by Can Evrenol and is one of… keep reading ->